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City responded to AVillage's petition on Lincoln stairs

AVillage members first became aware of the dangerous condition of the stairs to the Lincoln Park Bowl during the first Mississippi Day celebration there in 2012. Over the next several years we wrote letters, talked to our elected officials and sent members to speak to the Albany City Council. On October 21, our voices were heard! 

In short, the city government promised that a new ramp and staircase connecting the Lincoln Park's roadways to the lower grassy bowl will be built next year. The park will then be more accessible to people with disabilities. More information on
Times Union news Ramp to replace staircase reported by Jordan Carleo-Evangelist on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. 

However, it is too early to claim success. AVillage will continue to follow up on this issue and ensure the ramp and stairs will be constructed as residents’ needs.

Please feel free to email or call AVillage with any questions you may have, or any suggestions or ideas about how we can make our community a better place, together.

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