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It (Almost) Never Rains On Earth Day

Although we like everything to be perfect, and try to make everything go as according to plan, April 22nd was just another reminder that some things are completely out of AVillage’s control. Despite the lack of sunshine, and occasional “heavy mist,” South End Earth Day (SEED) was another great success.

In similarity to the last six years, SEED commenced with volunteers from the community & local colleges rebuilding, and beautifying the South End. Thanks to the leadership of countless project managers (too many to list off), nine sites were cleaned, given mulch, and planted with flowers.

Children's Garden Before
Children's Garden After

While volunteers were hard at work, the rest of us remained behind at the host site, The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center. There, music played; children ran around & petted the baby farm animals; people toured the greenhouse & Aquaponic Fish Farm; representatives from local organizations set up tables & provided information to interested parties. When the volunteers returned to The Radix Center, we turned on the grill and served hotdogs, salads, chips, and cookies. As SEED drew to a close, Mama Zumba brought out her speakers, and taught us a few new dance moves. Then it was Ruth Pelham’s turn, and the Music Mobile lady did her magic with children before everyone called it a day.

Singing with the Music Mobile lady

Thank you to everyone who participated in Earth Day, not just SEED. Thanks to: community partners who organized & planned; sponsors who provided the funds to make this happen; volunteers who cleaned; neighbors who came (regardless of the weather) and shared this day with us. The first step in rebuilding the South End is keeping it clean. April 22nd may only come once a year, but it is our duty to make everyday Earth Day.
Our community gardens are off to a great start, but they will need lots of care and encouragement throughout the growing season. Look for more posts on our Facebook, Twitter, and Website on how you can help keep the South End green.

Working straight through lunch
Gabby's Garden group shot

Community Partners:                                          Community Sponsors:    

  • AVillage...,Inc                                                                        ·       PAUSE
  • The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center                         ·       Hewitt’s Garden Center
  • Albany County Land Bank Corporation                               ·       Hannaford Supermarket
  • South End Neighborhood Association                                 ·       ShopRite
  • PAUSE                                                                                 ·       BCTGM Local 53
  • University at Albany                                                            ·       Albany Housing Authority
  • Albany Housing Authority                                                   ·       Nine Pin Cider Works
  • Downtown Albany BID                                                       ·       Albany Department of General Services

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