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LOT Stage

We were just giving a $5,000 grant for the construction of our "LOT/Stage"!! Our Children will have a place to come and express their talent.This Summer will be a beautiful Summer for our talented Children.


AVillage, Inc. at Work

Activist raises AVillage in place of real need

White, 51, is the founder of AVillage, Inc., a 14-month-old not-for-profit based on Morton Avenue that, with virtually no resources, inserted itself this year into some of the most pressing issues in the city's neighborhoods.

And none of it might have happened if White hadn't slipped June 2, 2008 on a wet kitchen floor while carrying five gallons of soup. White's fall -- which came just four days after 10-year-old West Hill girl
Kathina Thomas was slain on her front stoop by a stray bullet fired by a 15-year-old -- ruptured a disk in his spine.

"That was burning in my heart," White recalled in a recent discussion of the girl's death. "I lied in my bed and I cried, and I said, 'I'm responsible to help our community.' AVillage has always been in my heart, but the time never provided me the opportunity to do things that I wanted to do."

His six-month recovery gave him time to contemplate the changes he wanted to see in his neighborhood -- and to begin to outline how to achieve them.

The agenda is varied and apolitical. And while many of its core members are people of faith, AVillage -- unlike many of the other groups working to improve conditions in inner-city neighborhoods -- is not a religious organization. "We truly define grass roots. We talk to ordinary people, just plain
Joe Blow people in the community," said White, the 16th of 18 children and a native of Tupelo, Miss., which he's quick to note is also Elvis Presley's hometown.


AVillage Supports "Chicken Amendment"

AVillage also Supports the "Chicken Amendment" In Albany, New York, which means if  it passed, we can have "Chickens" In Our Backyards, wouldn't that be Awesome!!

Fresh Eggs everyday! and when we decide to have our baked Chicken we will know that we fed it good food, it will not be Injected with Steroids..Fresh Eggs/Meat.


The Fight Continues...We will never stop the "Fight"!!

South End residents seek a lift

More than 1,300 South End residents signed a petition calling for bus service up Morton Avenue. The effort was organized by AVillage, Inc., a South End grass-roots organization. Residents have met with officials of the Capital District Transportation Authority and are increasing pressure in the hopes of finally getting a bus.

"We've been asking for a bus up Morton Avenue for 20 years and all we've gotten is lip service from CDTA," said
Willie White, executive director of AVillage, Inc. and a 40-year resident of Morton Avenue. "This time, we're not going to give up. We'll keep fighting until we get that bus."


Every Street Not Wall Street

AVillage..., Inc. will attend the "Every Street Not Wall Street" Community Forum on October 14th @ 5:30-7:30, Please come out and ask your questions of the Elected Officials of our communities...In attendance will be Congressman Paul Tonko, State Senator Neil Breslin and common council member Barbara Smith and many more...Please share this special day with us.


"Lot" Beautification Project

AVillage..., Inc. and Grand Street Community Arts, Inc. collaborated with the Students from Saint Rose College too do a "Lot" beautification project...We planted Flowers and Trees, we also had members from the Common Council...President Carolyn McLaughlin and 2nd Ward councilman Lester Freeman, it's always a plus to have our elected officials lending a hand....The Residents of the community also came out too help!
Our "Lot" is located at the corner of 4th avenue and Elizabeth Street...Stop by and take a look at our work...The process is just the beginning of something great for our community, our next step is too also build a Staging area for the community too perform plays and song and dance..we will also have a "Big Screen" for Movie Night!!we will have all children from the community too plant more flowers...AVillage..., Inc. "Moving forward for a better Community".


Persistence Pays Off!

Our petition for CDTA service to in the South End has paid off. We got CDTA's attention and they are willing to work with us to make sure that the residents of Albany's South End, especially the disabled and the elderly, will have a route so that they can reach their destinations easily and safely. This is God's hand at work, and we are excited and blessed to be able to help our community with their transportation needs. Thanks to all who supported our cause and signed our petition. It's because of everyone that we accomplished this. 

Again, thanks to everyone for your continued support in our mission to help the South End community.


Help for Pakistan Table Friday!

We want to help our brothers and sister in Pakistan who were affected by the tsunamis and storms there. We will have a table to collect items to shipped over to Pakistan set up in front of the Rite Aid pharmacy across from Ten Eyck Plaza here in Albany. We will there from 9am to 4pm. Please come out and support our neighbors from Pakistan and get them the help they need. Thanks so much for your support.


Nice Meeting!

We had a great meeting, even though there were only a few people there tonight. A lot of our members are on vacation, so attendance was down. We had the honor of having our Albany Common Council President Carolyn McLaughlin attend tonight. We are getting more support for our bus petition, which is great. Keep checking back for information on our 2nd annual Halloween party for the community. And also keep watch in the comng weeks, as we will be adding a donation button to take donations for our cause. We hope to see you soon at one of our meetings!

A Great Meeting Tonight

AVillage..., Inc. Had a great Meeting tonight, we are moving in a direction that is good for our Children...Honorable Carolyn McLaughlin stopped by too give us some words of support...It is always a plus too have our elected officials involved in the process. Carolyn along with The Honorable Lester Freeman will introduce our Bus petition as a Resolution on the floor of the common council....Awesome!


Happy 1st Anniversary AVillage

Happy Anniversary AVillage!! One Year And Still Moving Forward for Our Children. 08/06/09-08/06/10.
I think about when the Civil Right's Movement Started, Where would we be without it??? "AVillage Is a Movement" Please come and be a Part of History in the Making.


A Wonderful Meeting

Tonight's meeting was wonderful! We were sad to hear that the police chief would not be able to make it due to another commitment, but Assistant Chief Brendan J. Cox was great to have him Chief Krokoff's place. He stressed to everyone that the Albany PD was opening a new chapter for all of Albany, and they wanted to work together with the community to make this city a better place to live and play for everyone. Dinner was great, too. Thanks to Clara and Willie for making such a wonderful meal. We hope to have more events like this in the future.


Congressman John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis Is coming to Albany and we are preparing!!! Communities coming together


Great Meeting Tonight!

Tonight's meeting was awesome. I love that we can come together and have great opinions and suggestions.

Jane with Grant Street Arts came to explain the budget for our lot. It's a little expensive (okay, a lot expensive), but with a little tweeking and research, we can bring that cost down.

We also learned more about tomorrow's exciting event. I am so happy that we all will have the opportunity to meet Congressman John Lewis. He is a great leader for all Americans!

Keep coming to our site for more information and check out our Facebook page and our Photos page for pictures from tonight's meeting (thanks to Mr. Willie for his great photography!).


We Still Need Your Help!

We are still needing more signatures for our petition to get a fixed bus route on Morton Ave. This will mean so much for the residents of the South End, as well as the rest of Albany. Tell your friends, neighbors, family members, everyone! The more that CDTA sees that we mean business about this, the more they will at least consider put this route in place. Make sure you make your voices heard so that we can get the services we need as a community!


What A Great Turnout!

We recently had an informational meeting introducing the public to a very extraordinary man. It was about the upcoming visit of Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) on July 9, 2010. He will be coming to receive an honorary degree from Excelsior College and we are all excited to be able to have a chance to meet and hear Congressman Lewis' words of encouragement, as well as his stories of his achievements and struggles during the Civil Rights Movements.

The Salvation Army on South Ferry St. was wonderful and generous enough to let us host the meeting. There was a wonderful slideshow featuring a biography of Congressman Lewis given by Jacqui C. Williams, who has a great organization called Filling in the Gaps in American History (FIGAH), Inc. It was very educational and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Others present were members of the Albany Common Council such as Barbara Smith (4th Ward) and Lester Freeman (2nd Ward), as well as Wanda Willingham, County Legislator and Carolyn McLaughlin, Common Council President. They all gave their stories of what they experienced during the Civil Rights Movement. I hope that everyone can be there on July 9th to witness another day in African American History. Bring your children and grandchildren as well, so they can also be witness to this extraordinary event!


Great Meeting!

We had a great turnout for our weekly meeting last night. We heard and saw design plans for our lot, provided by Scott Townsend, the architect from 3T Architects. It's a great design. Also we got to have a great cookout with not only members of AVillage, but some of the people in the South End community. It was nice to see that everyone can come together and fellowship with one another.

That's what God wants us to do for each other: look out for your fellow man. Hopefully we can have more members as we go into the community and let the South End family know that they are not alone and we are here to help them. See you soon!


We got the lot!

We just found out during Thursday night's meeting that the city of Albany approved our proposal for the lot on the corner of Elizabeth and Fourth St. We also meet with an architect who will be helping us with the design of the lot. We hope to start having meetings and events there during the summer.

This is a great accomplishment, not only for us, but for the families in the South End. We want to make this a place for everyone to meet and have fun. Thanks to Tom McPheeters from Grant Street Community Arts for helping us to get the lot. He was a big help and very well appreciated.