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Asking For "Garbage Cans" In The South-End!

Have you ever wondered why there is no "Garbage Cans" In the South-End??? So some people just throw their trash on the Side-Walks or the Streets...What's wrong with this picture?? Why don't we have "Garbage Cans"?? I took a stroll Down Delaware Avenue, Lark Street and Madison Avenue...They have Solar garbage cans!!! Wow! and we have nothing in the South-End...Stay tuned for AVillage's Update!!!

This is unacceptable...We've asked for them repeatedly, with no results!...We were suppose to get them on April 30th...Today is May 27th...This is a Holiday Week-End, there will be trash all over our Streets and Side-Walks... AVillage will once again fight for garbage cans in the South-End...Stay Tuned.