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Togather We Can

After a long fight and many sleepless nights, AVillage, Inc. and Partners has "Won" the fight to get a "Bus" up Morton Avenue Hill! we Just left a meeting with The Executive Director of CDTA, he looked us in the eyes and said that "You will get your bus"...It just goes to show, if you stand up for what you believe in, the sky is the limit as to what we as a community can do when we come together!

The People Have Spoken!! An Example of a "Community/People coming together"
We can get the resources that our Communities deserves, only if we work together!

CDTA route would serve South End

AVillage, Inc., joined by Westminster Presbyterian Church, Trinity Institution-Homer Perkins Center, Inc., and Grand Street Community Arts, presented the CDTA board not only with a petition signed by more than 1,200 people, but also with the results of a transportation questionnaire.

A Morton Avenue bus will roll in the South End


After two years of leaflets, petitions, neighborhood meetings, lobbying politicians and twice crashing CDTA's board meeting, residents of the South End have been assured that they'll get their long-awaited Morton Avenue bus.

"We've been on
Cloud 9 since we got word. We're going to have a party," said Willie White, executive director of AVillage Inc.

"This took a lot of effort by a lot of people, but we stood up for something we believed in," White said. "This is a victory for the South End. When we join forces as a community, the sky's the limit."


The Love of Our Children

I really love my Grand-babies. They've bought me so much joy. I don't know how I could live without them. They have really changed my perspective on life. I believe that they have made me understand and appreciate the love that we should give too all Kids. I truly want to share this with other Kids in our communities. My Grand-babies are just a joy to be around, the love that I have for them is unmeasurable, why can't this love be extended.

The work that AVillage is doing will touch a lot of children in our community. AVillage believes that we are all extended Parents. This summer will be a tell-tell story for AVillage, we are building a Stage on a "Vacant Lot" on the corner of 4th Avenue and Elizabeth Street. We will bring Kids from all areas of the City to explore their talent. Our Kids are very talented and we will challenge their energy, we are also doing a farmers Market where we will create a Entrepreneurship Program, which gives the Kids a chance to learn how to do business and be responsible for their own bank accounts.

We are excited about our spring/summer Months, we have so many programs that we want to do, and so many that we will do.  We have secured funding for our Stage and some programs, but we are still looking for funding for other programs. We will not let money stop us from doing the things that we want to do, altho money will help us, but not stop us.

We are working with a Farmer for our Farmers Market. Fred and Carolyn Wellington of "Wellington Farms" in Schoharie Co. who are very committed to the well being of the children in our communities. So please pray for our programs and the success of our organization. Thank You, AVillage..., Inc.


Helping our Children help themselves...AVillage, Inc. and The PTA

Hello all, tonight AVillage will attend the Giffen's PTA, please join us to support our very own, "Vivian D. Kornegay" who will be running for President of the PTA, AVillage is very happy to have had Vivian as one of our most dedicated members for a long time, we know that her dedication is where it needs to be.

Our children and Parents will be blessed to have Vivian at the helm of the PTA.  Also, your support tonight would be highly appreciated by all, so please come out and join us for this great cause, our children need our support.

Education Is The Key!  5:00pm Tonight at Giffen Elementary School...hope to see you there. AVillage, Inc. 518-859-4305 or avillage5@aol.com, thanks.