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AVillage's South-End Farmers Market

Wow! what a great time we had at our "First Annual Farmers Market". It was wonderful!A great success! The entire team pulled together and made it all happen.

We would like to thank "Soul Fire Farm" Leah Penniman and husband, also "Emmett" their son who spent the "First Dollar" at AVillage's first "South-End farmers market". For their participation, when we work together, the outcome is always good.

Benita you're the best! Ms. Clara and Ms. Bessie, "My Girls" I love your spirit. I would like to give a special thanks to our "Students" who participated in our program, Devon, Nasir and Shantell for their hard work and for listening very intently to directions...They are great! Cynthia London, Tammy, Cathy, Ruth, Joe, Amanda and friend, and Noelene , you guys made it happen. Rana and Roscoe also stopped by...Now, we can not forget the other Important people, Our Customers!! we must give them a big shout-out, the people of our community...Thank you, for all your support!

Now before I forget, I would like to Invite you to come out and support our "Students every Saturday, your support means the world to our children. " Benita Law-Diao is doing a great job teaching them the overall operation of a Farmers Market...how to count money, organize and sell the Vegetables.

AVillage will operate a farmers market in the South-End for the next 8-10 weeks, our location is on the corner of Morton Avenue and Eagle Street...please give us a call if you have any questions or special requests, we'll try our best to fill your request...AVillage (518)859-4305, our start time is 11:00am-2:00pm.

Our Vegetables are always FRESH!...Today, we had Broccoli, Cauliflower, summer and winter Squash, Mint, Collards, Potatoes, Parsley, Fresh Eggs, Chard, Green and Purple Lettuce, Corn, Wax Beans, Sweet Peas, Basil, Kale, Lemon Thyme Cookies, and "The Best Tea In The World" "Island Tea" made with a secret recipe...By "Wellington Farm"...Our thanks also goes out to "Barber's Farm:" for their support, also a special thanks goes out to Albany Housing Authority for all their wonderful help, thank you. I will sign off now, but Please join us next Saturday at 2:00pm...Hope to see you there.