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South End Earth Day Community Clean-Up

AVillage..., Inc. and Grand Street Community Arts, Inc. came together to clean our community...Thanks to all who came out to help!! The Parents of the South-End are great! we love our community!!! It's only the beginning...The South-End is the place to be...Keep your eyes and ears open, you will see and hear more from "The South-End" in the near future!!

Residents help clean up South End


ALBANY, N.Y. -- Residents in Albany's South End area are celebrating Earth Day one week later by cleaning up all around the neighborhood.

Both children and adults stepped up to help create new gardens, clean up the streets and vacant lots, and restore Rainbow Park. The park is the only place for kids to play since there is no community center in the area.

Cleaning up and painting Rainbow Park is one of a half dozen projects that neighbors and volunteers tackled on Saturday morning. Workshops were also held to learn about the environment.

At the end of the day, a celebration barbeque was held with music from local musicians.


AVillage..., Inc. is The Accountability Team

For too long we have been silent in our communities. Our elected officials need to hear from us! This very thing will happen on the 2nd. of May, at 5:30pm. AVillage would like to Invite you to attend a meeting to discuss the summer jobs program. The budget of last year program was one Million dollars. This year it is 1/2 of that! our children will only have 12hrs. per week this year!!! There's something wrong with this picture!!

It's Time To let them(Elected Officials) hear from US!! Please attend this very important meeting...This meeting will be held in the Common Council Chamber...Hope to see you there. AVillage..., Inc. (The Accountability Team).
We (AVillage)try our very best to do the right thing. We will not standby and let our communities be overlooked and without the resources our children/community deserve. We will fight the Powers-To-Be..."Peacefully, of cource"!


Voters Registration Drives

AVillage, Inc. Statement of correction...:"Let it be known" that AVillage is an open door Organization, when it comes to an invitation to speak at our meetings...Everyone is welcome! we are not an organization that supports "political campaigns" having said that, we will go out and organize our community! our plan is to do a "Citywide Voters Registration Drive"

AVillage..., Inc., " by law, organizations exempted from Tax under 501(c)3 may not participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. 501(c)3's can organize their community through Voters Registration Drives, which is what AVillage will do!