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AVillage Is The Change That We've Been Waiting For

I'm so happy with the Members of AVillage. We had a our weekly meeting on last night. Ordinary People coming together with the motivation and Inspiration to make change and change we will make. We have so much that we are working on and we are no ways tired! we are working on updating our website, please take a minute to visit our website and get ready to be Inspired, http://www.avillageworks.org/

Your help is very much "required" in order for this change to happen, please keep in mind that our children are also your responsibility, "We are the change that we've been waiting for" Barack Obama, our destiny is not written for Us but by Us!, It's up to Us to bring change to our own Communities, if we wait for someone else to do it, change will never come...Let's walk together...AVillage, Inc.


Get Real!

I sit here and read some of the messages that people are writing on Facebook, and it breaks my heart to hear the quotes, scriptures, messages and other post. You would think that we have it all together but still I go out in the community and see the same things happening to our children. What are we doing wrong? Where's the answer?

My biggest discuss is that people are quoting the Bible as if they are really living it! "Stop It" my suggestion is that you live it and then quote it! are we doing it for other people to think that we are people of God? "Action Speaks louder than Words"!!! I am beginning to hate Face book...People are not Real! it's all a Show!!! Let's get real people!


AVillage Supports The Needed

AVillage..., Inc. "In the true spirit of AVillage" Members rallied to support a Senior Community Member who recently got out of the hospital. This morning, 6 AVillage Members arrived at her home with flowers, baked goods, cleaning supplies and love. AVillage respects it's elders, and we believe that they should never feel alone or be in need of food or support.