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Call for Community Invlovment

Hey Community Members, we need your help!!!, Our Children/Seniors are In Need of Love/Leadership. All they need is for us to do the right thing by them. Let's be an example to them. All we need to do is show them that they are great and can be anything that their little hearts desire!

We (AVillage) like to lead by example, so if we do our part, will you do yours?

Please join us each and every Thursday for our weekly meetings. We meet at 3 Lincoln Square, from 5pm-7pm.

As you approach the building, we are the door on the far right hand side.There will always be an Agenda on the office door. Hope to see you there. It Really Does Take AVillage To Raise our Children and Take care of our Seniors!! Please Call 518-859-4305 for more Info:


Our Hero - Medgar Evers

by Willie White

Medgar Evers is one of my heroes. We are from the same state. I read a lot about him when I was a kid. I Love this Man and what he stood for. He stood for us all and he died for us all.

Reflecting for a moment, after a long day at work, drive home to be with your wife and kids. They are waiting up for you and you pull into your driveway. They hear your car and then, they hear a gun shot, a coward shot him in the back. His wife and kids race outside to find him crawling on the ground to make it to his front door, blood everywhere. Just like that, he's gone. Taken away from his family. My heart hurts to write this. His Spirit Lives Forever in my heart.

The Autobiography of Medgar Evers: A Hero’s Life and Legacy Revealed Through His Writings, Letters, and Speeches