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Let’s March In Protest of a Neighborhood DANGER!

Residents of the South End will protest the failure of CSX Railroad and its subsidiaries to fix the gaping hole in the fence that separates Dongan Avenue at Bassett Street, behind the massive public housing projects on Green Street, from the busy rail lines that run to the Port of Albany. Residents have tried in vain for months to get either the city or the rail company to fix the fence, but have been informed by city officials that the fence is railroad property.

“This is a clear hazard, especially to the many children who live in this part of the South End,” said Willie J. White, executive director of AVillage…, Inc. “It’s another example of the railroads not paying attention to the desires of their neighbors and actually putting us in harm’s way.”

Numerous attempts have been made to get the city and/or the RailRoad to fix this horribly hazardous and hideous hole in the fence that leads directly to the Bomb Train rail lines, but to no avail. Do we wait until some one is killed on the tracks or until someone walks into the rail yard and damages an oil-filled, toxic, contaminating oil tanker car?

Let’s MARCH! And let the city and the RR know we protest this infringement on our right to safety where we live and work! Now is the time!

Saturday, September 27th starting at the Hole in the Fence at 9:00 AM. Join us and let your voice be heard above the financial din of clinking money that works to ignore what WE THE PEOPLE have as an inalienable right: SAFETY!


3rd Annual Mississippi Day Celebration

Thank you Albany for your support of our 3rd annual Mississippi Day Celebration. Your dedication and support made it all possible in-spite of the Rain. We had a great time. 
I went to church this morning and ask God to give us a great day for next year, thanks to all the elected officials who came out to celebrate with us, Albany Mayor Kathy Moran Sheehan, congressman Paul Tonko, common council president Carolyn Mclaughlin, councilwoman Vivian Kornegay, family court judge Peggy Walsh, assemblyman Assemblymember John McDonald, sheriff Craig Apple, and many more. Can't for get the clergy, but most of all thank God for the blessings he bestowed upon us all!