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EcoJustice Summer!

This Summer, the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center along with A Village Inc., will conduct its five-week EcoJustice Summer Youth program for youth ages 14 - 18.  Participants will have the opportunity to earn an income while being engaged in hands-on work and learning related to local ecological and social justice issues.  Based out of the Radix Center, youth will be employed in food justice  activism through the maintenance and operation of Radix’s one-acre urban farm as well as numerous gardens throughout Albany’s South End.  Produce harvested from these gardens feeds local residents and supports Radix’s educational programs.  Days also consist of educational opportunities, with workshops, guest speakers, and outdoor field trips to local sites. The dates for the program are from Monday July 3rd through Friday, August 4th.

Past activities and topics have included:
·         Organic gardening
·         Raising microlivestock (chickens and goats)
·         Urban Biocultural Diversity
·         Composting
·         Air Quality Activism
·         Renewable Energy (solar and wind)
·         Beekeeping
·         Aquaponics (fish farming)
·         Environmental justice struggles in Albany
·         Farmer’s markets and food security
·         Rain water harvesting and Hudson River Remediation
·         Soil testing and lead safety
·         Urban Climate Justice
·         Community art engagement
·         Bike trips on the Albany County Rail Trail
·         Toxic tours of the “bomb trains”
·         Kayaking in the Hudson
·         Goat-scaping in Tivoli Park
There are two ways to participate in the program: 

Employment option: Albany youth interested in earning an income through the program may register through Albany’s Summer Youth Employment Program.  Employment Program participants must attend all additional city-organized activities and events outside of Radix as required by the program.  Students must enroll with the city program no later than April 1st. Since they must also be requested for the program by us, please contact us if you are interested. 

Non-employment option:  Non-Albany residents or youth not interested in enrolling in the city program may still participate in the EcoJustice Program by enrolling directly though Radix with a sliding scale tuition.  Non-employment participants do not earn an income, however they gain valuable skills and experience through this unique learning opportunity.  

For more information, please visit: 


Scott Kellogg, Educational Director of The Radix Center 

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